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Brain Development, Emotional Intelligence and The Prepared Environment

Kelly and I have studied Montessori’s philosophy and we have over 15 years experience working in Montessori schools and in-home environments. We met here in Australia a few years ago and it wasn’t long after that when we knew we wanted to build something of value together.

We both appreciate the opportunities and challenges that families and communities face when educating children. Our vision is not to mimic a school environment at home but to support families and give them the tools to guide the development of their child.

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Why do we choose to do Montessori at home?

Why do we choose to do Montessori at home? Montessori method is a scientific method developed by Maria Montessori that is characterized by providing a prepared environment. 

The environment is organized ,attractive, simple, real, where each element has a reason for being in that exact  place.

The prepared environment offers the child opportunities to engage in interesting activities, freely chosen, where long periods of concentration are achieved. 

Freedom develops within clear limits, and this allows children to live in harmony and to respect and look after their community and their planet.

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How to practice independence in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a space where you can carry out many activities that support the development of children. These activities not only teach them, but also relax and entertain them.

Despite this, the kitchen is considered an environment  full of dangers where there are fragile, sharp and intimidating elements such as fire.

Through Montessori at Home, I want to teach you how to turn the kitchen into a place where the child can safely explore, practice independence and also keep each other company and spend time together.

To achieve this, I recommend incorporating a Montessori learning tower.

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“The hands are the instruments of humans intelligence.”

Now our little girl is 16 months old and is very independent and autonomous. It is the best gift we could give myself as parents. I recommend Maria’s services to all parents. It is a great professional and wonderful person.

Marina Kotsoban

Since we've started adding educational resources to our playroom our children spend quality time at home. They are engaged, concentrated and happy!

Sarah Bestly

Our son goes to daycare 2 days a week and the rest of the week he spends 2 hours a day with our nanny working on his letters and numbers! The activities from Tulip Tree are a great support for education at home!

Tom Bennet