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Tulip Tree Playroom

Learning Board - Read, Create, Write

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Our learning boards are the best way to get them started in reading and writing!

HANDS-ON! What are the benefits?

  • It's More Fun and Engaging. Children can develop skills much faster when they're having fun. ...
  • Encourages Interaction with Nature. ...
  • Allow Exploration of all Five Senses. ...
  • Engage Multiple Areas of the Brain. ...
  • Builds Fine Motor Skills.
How does it work?
First, invite them to choose one of the cards from our Alphabet cards deck.
Then, they will repeat the word out loud and recognize the first letter. Following this, invite them to choose that letter from our Wooden Alphabet.
Once the card and the letter are set up on the board, invite them to create the letter using a natural element. Finally, encourage them to write the letter on the blackboard.

The best part is that they also work on their fine motor skills. The little muscles in their hands are the ones that they need to exercise to be ready to hold a pencil. They can start practicing since they are pretty young!

A great idea is to get our Bamboo fine motor skills kit and set up a variety of activities that combine: sensorial play, motor skills development, and introduction to reading and writing!


Recommended for children +3




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