About Us



About us

Hello there! I am a teacher and creative entrepreneur that believes that the child is the only hope for mankind and that education is the only way to save the planet. I support education at home by providing you with a curated selection of sustainable products to help your family create environments that will help develop with children’s physical, intellectual and emotional skills.

My Story

Who is behind Tulip Tree? :) ME! My name is Maria and I am a certified Montessori teacher. My experience in the world of education began many years ago when I moved to Australia and started working as a nanny. After spending so many hours with the children, I started researching more about the children’s needs and how to take advantage of the time spent at home. During the first years, I became a Montessori teacher and concentrated on education in schools so that I could understand all the materials and also learn from different children and teachers. A few years ago, I decided to take a turn in my career and specialize in education at home. This is how Tulip Tree was born: a curated selection of Australian made materials inspired by alternative methods like: Montessori, Steiner, Regio Emilia and Emily Pickler.